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A mere 6 km from Siena, immersed in the poetic and permeating beauty of the Senese countryside the small San Giorgino church, has since 1109 placidly observed the vineyard and olive trees of the surrounding fields, which have been under the stewardship of our family since 1977, where with love, tradition, dedication and innovative spirit we have produced wine and oil.
We love to define our company as a harmoniously multifaceted reality that holds a myriad of souls inside of it. By fine tuning each one of the contrasting elements together, like an orchestra, we give life to unique products that are recognizable, inviting, and sincere: symphonies of genuine tastes, rooted in the culture of the land.
This reality begins with our family: we are in 8 and all contribute in the company with our own specializations, following the entire production process, from the preparation at the vineyard, to the last step of commercialization.