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Starting from the observation of the harmonious complexity of our land, in 1999, Mattia, our older brother, decided to create a line of his own company labels, starting to produce: Chianti Classico and Chianti Colli Senesi. In 2000 it was born Bandecca, the Chianti Classico Reserve, from the desire to concentrate the elegance and authenticity of Sienese Sangiovese in a sincere, deep, apparently rough wine, but with a kind and welcoming soul (just like the Tuscans), In 2001 the white and red of the Fiore di Maggio: wines with a simple structure, drinkable, for meals, perfect for a snack in the fields based on bread and Tuscan salami. Among our wines is also found Ermete, a Chianti Reserve dedicated to the centenary of the birth of grandfather Ermete, obtained from a blend of Sangiovese and Teroldego: the company's past and present meet to give life to a wine with firm tannins and an intense colour, with a proud soul and an important structure, with an enveloping character : undoubtedly a disturbing wine with a marked sensuality. Latest arrivals in the family Empathia and the Rosato. Empathia is the first Gran Selezione Chianti Classico without added sulphites produced in Tuscany, a wine that speaks an ancient language made up of new words, giving the palate the genuineness of the taste of the harvest. Rosato is a drinkable wine, with a not excessive alcoholic note, ideal for a fresh aperitif among the vineyards, in the cool summer breeze of a Tuscan sunset.
Like a letter that has come to us from the past, Empathia speaks an ancient language made up of new words.  First Gran Selezione Chianti Classico without added sulphites, it gives the palate the genuineness of the taste of the harvest. A strong scent of black cherry combines with spicy and balsamic notes of eucalyptus. Soft and round on the palate, the structure of the wine expands in the mouth like roots in the earth, leaving a pleasant and longing sensation of eternity.





St. George piercing the dragon is the emblem of this wine. An intense color with shades ranging from red to garnet. Its perfume enhances the good soul, a live fruit is the first sign followed by tobacco and spices. The balanced tannin gives an excellent complexity which makes the wine elegant and refined, leaving an aftertaste full of flavours.

This wine bears the name of the founder of San Giorgio; Ermete Simoni. It has a ruby red color, nuanced at the edges. The dark notes are accompanied by the aromas of cherry and blackberry, immersed in sweet spicy notes. Great fullness and elegance, charm and cohesion in the tannins. This reserve with a noble taste retraces the palate with a decisive and dynamic freshness.



Among chestnut and oak woods, a lively and austere wine is born, like the nature that cradled it. Its compact ruby color is accompanied by the aromas of cherry enveloped in intriguing spicy notes and the fragrances of licorice, coffee and leather. On the finish comes the Sangiovese whose remarkable fruity texture gives the wine an impeccable savory freshness, accompanied by very fine tannins.

chianti classico.png

Chianti Classico

Grown among the sinuosity of the Crete Senesi, the wine teases the nose with its spicy aromas of dark spices, wrapped in intense notes of cherry, undergrowth and licorice. The balance between delicate and ripe tannins involves the palate, giving an unexpected trail of sapidity on the finish. The bright ruby color dresses this wine, accentuating its sensuality and savoir faire.

chianti colli sensi.png


Like a delicate flower that has just blossomed, the wine is as fresh and aromatic as life just born. Clear purple reflections accompany us in the world of red fruit, cloves and spices, with ample, intense and overwhelming aromas. Straightforward and drinkable wine, it captivates the senses with elegant balance, resounding in the mouth like a merry song for the coming spring.

fiore di maggio rosso.png


The yellow Tuscan summer hills are reflected in the straw color of this wine. Wildflowers, hawthorn and white peach lead the way to the nose, vibrating with endless sunny days. On the palate it is enveloping, surprising in the finish with mineral freshness and savory notes that bring us back to the times when the hills that cradled it were submerged by the waters of an ancient sea.

fiore di maggio bianco.png


Small red fruits, currants, cherries and a citrus note are the visiting card of a rosé wine, fresh in the mouth which stands out for its moderate sapidity followed by a fruity bouquet confirming the sincerity of the olfactory range. The great balance of this wine is sealed by a not excessive alcoholic note. Ideal for late summer afternoons bathed in the golden light of the sunset.

fiore di maggio rosato.png


We have enclosed the taste of autumn in Tuscany in this bottle. Like a delicate genie in the lamp it dialogues with our palate with tales flavored with chestnuts, walnuts and apricots. Caress our senses with a sweet velvety touch. As in autumn days the sun touches the earth without burning it, so this passito is in perfect balance between softness and fresh minerality.

Lapi d'autunno.png


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