In 1999, our eldest brother Mattia, inspired by the harmonious complexity of our land, decided to create a line of products for the company by producing: Chardonnay, Chianti Classico and Chianti Colli Senesi.
In 2000, Bandecca, la Riserva di Chianti Classico, and Leremo, the supertuscan, are introduced. The first is created by the desire to concentrate the elegance and authenticity of the Siena sangiovese into an honest, deep, rough at first glance, but with an inviting and welcoming spirit (just as the Tuscan people). The second wine aims to exalt the structure and the virtuosity of the sangiovese, softening its rougher edges with the tenderness of merlot and cabernet.
Still in 2000, Lapi d’Autunno is born, along with the dessert wine of San Giorgio a Lapi, produced with traditional white trebbiano grapes and Chianti malvasia, the ideal companion when in front of a fireplace in frosty winter.  
In 2001, the white and red wines of Fiore di Maggio: simple and reliable wines, ideal to be shared during a break in the country fields together with bread and tuscan salami.
Finally, we have Ermete, a Chianti Riserva dedicated to the centenary of our grandfather Ermete’s birth, obtained through a blend of sangiovese and teroldego: our company’s family past and present come together to give light to a wine with decisive tannins and intense color, of proud spirit and important structure, of involving character: undoubtedly this is a thought-provoking and brightly sensual wine.




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