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Our family business San Giorgio a Lapi is located 6 km from Siena, on the border between the Chianti Classico and the Chianti Colli Senesi. We have always considered our main strength the harmonious complexity that characterizes our reality in all its aspects: from the shape of our land to our family history, where Tuscany and Trentino come together in an exclusively modern product. We follow the entire production process , masterfully exploiting sudden and natural changes in the territory, merging ancient traditional knowledge with innovative technologies in the agronomic and oenological field. Thus, the wide range of products of our company has become: genuine wines guaranteed for daily consumption, wines of remarkable structure with a strong bouquet, an enveloping passito, in addition to our excellent oil. Each element of San Giorgio a Lapi (wines and people) is characterized by its personality and aspiration, while remaining connected to the others through genuine authenticity.
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